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Eden Gardens

Eden Gardens at Ferozepur Road

Eden Gardens proves once again the innovative abilities of Eden Housing. The Project is located on

Main Ferozpur Road only 11 kilometers from Kalma Chowk, thus making its location a strong attraction among other features. Carefully developed contemporary designs of housing units are offered in the project with quality and luxurious lifestyle.



700+ Housing units of different sizes


Main Ferozpur Road

Project completion

2010 (planned)


  • Ideal Location (Main Ferozpur Road)
  • All Basic Amenities (Electricity, Gas, Water Supply)
  • Complete Maintenance
  • Round-the-clock security
  • Independent Houses & Independent Portions
  • Mosque
  • Parks


Our project is situated on Main Ferozpur Road at almost 11 KM distance form Kalma Chowk near, Near General Hospital.


A) Independent Houses

B) Independent Portions

Categories With Respect To Finishes:

Our price varies according to three types of finishes:

I) Executive Finishes;

Ii) Luxury Finishes and;

Iii) Royal finishes

Further, if you choose a house at a prime location then you have to pay some extra charges. The prime locations include:-


A) Park Facing

B) Corner and

C) Main Boulevard


The standard prices of the independent portions and houses under executive finishes are listed below:

Independent Portions:

3 Marla upper portion Rs: 1,190,000(2beds +1 bath) 740 SQFT covered (Block 1)

3 Marla lower portion Rs: 1,390,000(2beds +1 bath) 710 SQFT covered (Block 1A)

5 Marla upper portion Rs: 1,655,000 (2beds +1 bath) 765 SQFT covered (Block 2)

5 Marla lower portion Rs: 1,799,000 (2beds +1 bath) 860 SQFT covered (Block 2A)

Independent Houses:

2.5 Marla independent house Rs: 1,930,000 (3beds +2 bath) SQFT 880 Covered (Block 4)

3.4 Marla independent house Rs: 2,425,000 (3beds +2 bath + 1 Store) SQFT 1110 Covered (Block 6)

4.5 Marla Independent house Rs: 2,875,000 (3beds +2 bath) 1150 SQFT Covered (Block 3)

8 Marla independent house Rs: 4,570,000 (3beds +2 bath+ Store) 1550 SQFT Covered (Block 7)

10 Marla independent house Rs: 5,370,000 (3 beds+ 2 baths+ store) 1690 SQFT Covered (Block 8)

12 Marla Rs: 6,650,000 (3 beds + 3 bath + Powder room) 2195 SQFT Covered (Block 9)

20 Marla Rs. 9,900,000 (4 beds+ 4 baths + Powder room + Servant Quarter) 3345 SQFT Covered (Block 10)

The above listed prices also have Rs. 95000 apart from the price as development charges. These development charges are exclusive of the prices mentioned above. The payment of these charges would be intimated to you later on.

BOOKING PROCEDURE for 3 Marla portions, 5 Marla portions and 2.5, 3.4, 4.5, 8, 10, 12, 20 Marla independent House:

On booking you pay 10% of the total price

After 3months of booking you pay 15% of the total price

After 6 months of booking you pay 10% of the total price and

After 9 months of booking you pay 10% of the total price

After 12 months of booking you pay 10% of the total price

All above months' duration has been calculated from the booking date. Your quarterly installments of the remaining amount will start from the Fifteenth month of booking under your chosen installment plan of (2 years, 3yrs, and 5 years). The possession of your house is delivered after 2 years. With 3 years and 5 years plan you can continue your installments even after possession of house with extra cost.

There are some discounts which you can avail: -

a) 7 % discount on Lump sum Payment

b) Further, we also offer an early payment rebate @ 7 % P.A which is adjusted at the time of possession only.

These are our current prices and mode of payment, which are subject to change before you book. Secondly, we book the houses on first come first serve basis. You can fix them for yourself by paying the down payment. At the time of booking we require the copy of original NIC of the person in whose name the house is being booked. (A passport copy if he's a foreign national)

For booking and details contact us